Kashmir ‘cause’ serves as defence for Pak: Hizb chief

Pakistan cannot end its support to militants as it serves as a defence line for the country, says Pakistan-based Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin.

In an interview with Pakistani magazine News Line, Salahuddin denied that Kashmiri militants “No, it is not true. The Pakistani government and President Pervez Musharraf will not end their moral and diplomatic support to us. They are sincere to the Kashmir cause.

“The Mujahideen struggle serves as a defence line for Pakistan. If the movement weakens, the war could be fought inside Pakistan due to the naked aggression of the Indians. So one should stop thinking that Pakistan can distance itself from the Kashmir movement,” the Hizb chief said.

However, Salahuddin said that the militants did not have a clear picture of global and regional politics, but they are influenced by international events. They also see Pakistan’s changed policy towards Afghanistan. However, they should not lose their heart. Militancy will be strengthened.”

Commenting on ceasefire as suggested by Hurriyat Conference, Salahuddin said, “the Muttahida (United) Jehad council has decided that the Mujahideen will continue their struggle. (Indo-Pak) talks and the militancy can take place simultaneously, as has happened in the past.”

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